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About Us

Softstuf was founded in 1991 by Amir Makki and Maria Rothwelier. They started in a small office in Philadelphia with nothing but 2 computers and a fax machine. Today Wavewin, Softstuf's flagship product is the premier software for collection and analysis of protection data.

What first started with a small company in Philadelphia has grown to have users throughout both North America and Europe.

Hundreds of thousands of hours have and continue to go into the development of Wavewin, and there is no foreseeable limits to its potential growth.

Development Team

Our development team will work closely with you to determine the scope of your application and to determine the best method for designing the product.

Testing at the subsystem level is performed after each development stage in order to confirm advancement. Once the product is fully integrated and after careful emulation of operating environment, final testing at the system level is conducted in order to verify and validate the basic components of the product.

Complete electrical equipment monitoring solutions.
High speed accurate Data Recorders for event capture.
A variety of non-intrusive sensors.

Fault and Disturbance
Monitoring Solutions

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